Sweetwater Ag Services provides an array of services to assist Hemp Farmers across the nation to grow and succeed within the Hemp Industry.

Agronomic Support

Agronomy Advice to Avoid Loss, Increase Profitability and Drive profitable outcomes for Hemp Farmers


Get more out of your business and take advantage of the additional services that are offered when you Partner with us today.

Certified Seed Sales

Sweetwater Hemp Company partners with licensed seed representatives who offer the highest quality seed on the market. When partnering with us we find the latest genetics best matched for your goals.

Agronomic Support & Consultation

Sweetwater Ag Services provides agronomic support and consultation services to help you avoid loss, increase profitability and stay-up-to date on the best agronomic practices. 


  1. Licensing 

  2. Field or Greenhouse Operations

  3. Plant Rotations

  4. Organic Approved Quality Pesticides & Herbicides

  5. Plant Harvest

  6. Drying or Fresh

  7. THC Sampling & Lab Results

  8. Contracting acres

  9. Yield Estimates

  10. Genetics & Seed Sales

  11. Crop Growth & Health

  12. Soil Health & Nutrient Analytics

  13. Irrigation & Water Management

  14. Best in Class Ice & Water Extraction & Processing 

  15. Storage & Transport

  16. Networking and more

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As a licensed seed representative we provide seeds through our established partners. These are seeds specially-sourced and bred based on their extraction efficiency and because they yield both the highest diversity and quality of cannabinoids and terpenes. These genetics are the product of years of crossbreeding between hemp strains with the highest CBD content and the lowest THC content.

Feminized CBD Genetics from ecogenlabs.com

The planting of seeds using traditional growing methods will produce both male and female seeds. These seeds, known as regular seeds, occur with a relatively consistent and even split of 50/50 between male and female. With cannabis – including hemp – however, only the female plants produce a cannabinoid-rich flower, meaning roughly half of a traditionally planted crop is useless for the production of CBD. Feminized seeds remove the guesswork and waste of traditional growing methods and provide growers with more CBD for their money. Male plants can sap resources, including time, space, and human resources.

These seeds has are highly potent, feminized genetics designed to give growers the highest yield of cannabinoid possible. These proprietary genetics offer an estimated 95% germination rate and are guaranteed to be 99% female. These strains are the product of years of cross-development and are designed to provide superior yields and unsurpassed quality. 


Certified Seed Sales

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