Sweetwater Hemp Company LLC was started by the Cruise Family of Pleasanton, Nebraska. They are fourth and fifth generation farmers with over 150 continuous years of farming. Well respected and seen as leaders in their farming community, the Cruise Family has a number of successful agricultural related businesses including an acre-plus sized Fresh Herbs Greenhouse where they sell to over 300 Wal-Mart locations, Transportation Company, where they manage a dedicated fleet that transports goods across the Midwest, and they also farm 3300 acres of corn and soybeans every season.  As farmers they have adapted and expanded throughout the years.


In 2017 the Cruise family began researching, planning, and engaging with expert Craft Hemp consultants and industry leaders to develop Sweetwater Hemp Company LLC.

Hemp is one of the most versatile and useful plants ever cultivated for its therapeutic use. Today it is in extremely high demand. Despite these traits it’s been illegal to grow in the United States since World War II. By means of an updated Farm Bill in December 2018, hemp is now federally legal in all fifty states. This bill changed hemp from a controlled substance to an untapped agricultural commodity. Nebraska has reacted to this change and as a result, the State collected applications for the December 2019 distribution of hemp  cultivation, extraction, and processing licenses.  Sweetwater Hemp Company LLC has licences to cultivate, extract, process and handle hemp.


Product purity is not just dependent on high quality strains, but also the extraction process and cutting edge equipment.

A common pitfall to product potency is outdated equipment and processes such as ethanol or ethyl alcohol, butane, and even CO2 which all of these processes can degrade and/or destroy the terpenes during the decarboxylation process resulting in lower grade end product.


Sweetwater Hemp Company only uses the latest extraction technology to assure minimal to zero loss of terpenes in the extraction process. 


We work with Hemp Farmers to Extract and Process their Biomass into Premium Terpene Enriched Cannabis Oil.


We can offer a dependable supply that insures you will receive your oil quickly. We offer  Wholesale Opportunities to CBD Retailers and/or Brands.


We connect farmers with the services they will need to successfully grow within the Hemp Industry including: Certified Seed Sales, Agronomic Support, Consultation and more.


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